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Interior Color:Black leather
Exterior Color:Light dove gray, Dark gray hardtop
Serial Number:9500 060
Sales Price:Please inquire!
JUST REACQUIRED!! SINCE LEAVING HERE 14 MONTHS AGO IT HAS HAD A COMPLETE CHASSIS RESTORATION!! US delivered, 58K original miles, two tops, the exterior is CEMENT GRAU with contrasting dark gray hard top and hub caps, the interior is black leather, all books and tools. Ready for any concours! HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILE: Production of the Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster began 1957 with a total of 618 units being built. Very few changes saw an additional 267 cars being produced for the 1958 model year. In 1959, Mercedes completed three batches of 300SL Roadsters. The first consisted of 12 vehicles, the second of 89 and the final batch of 94, giving a total production of exactly 200 vehicles for model year 1959. This particular car was the 52nd vehicle completed in 1959 and the 40th example completed in the second of the three production runs of that year. This car was originally completed in Fall of 1959. It was delivered new with Factory "Hard Top" painted in a contrasting dark gray. It also carried a standard "Soft Top". Additionally, this car had Factory installed chrome plated steel wheels with the center caps painted in the same "dark gray" color as that of the optional "Hard Top". Mercedes Benz normally delivered their 300 SL with a standard final drive ratio of 3.64:1. This particular example was however fitted from new with an optional shorter final drive ratio of 3.89:1 which allowed for much better off the line acceleration with only a slight compromise in reduced overall top speed. While the 1959 300SLs are rare in themselves, with such a combination of hard to find options, this 300SL truly stands out amongst its brothers and sisters. The Hard Top/Soft Top, optional final drive ratio and chrome wheels are wonderfully complementary as was the Factory installation of an original and ultra rare, Becker "Mexico" Signal Seeking, AM/FM radio. As equipped, this particular 300SL was sold and delivered new in the United States. It spent the majority of its life living in the Midwest with a succession of caring owners including Mr. V. Sutterkarl Jr. of Lake Bluff Illinois and Mr. A.L. Johnson of Ft Wayne, Indiana until 1972. That same year it was purchased by. Mr. Alexander G.P. McInnes of Indianapolis, Indiana. McInnes owned the car and maintained it without consideration of cost until agreeing to sell it in November of 1988 to Mr. Victor Proeh. Proeh enjoyed the car over the next ten years until the car was sold through noted 300SL experts Paul Russel and Ales Finigan to the well known Mercedes collector, Mr. Peter Thomas of Scottsdale, Arizona in February of 1999. Throughout its entire life this particular 300SL has been carefully maintained and preserved without consideration of cost or expense. At the time of its sale to Mr. Thomas, the car was considered one of the finest most original and exceptional examples of its type in existence. Shortly after taking delivery, Mr. Thomas had the car shipped to the noted Mercedes restorer, Rudi Koniczek in Canada. It was carefully inspected prior to being disassembled and further inspected. The car was then given a full bare metal respray with the front and rear suspension being completely rebuilt. The car was then completely serviced and road sorted. Today this car remains one of the finest 300SLs in existence. A recent 30 mile road test confirmed it to be the finest driving example we have ever had the pleasure to offer for public sale. We welcome all perspective purchasers an unparalleled opportunity to inspect, drive and purchase this outstanding vehicle.